2018  C.H.A.T.A. Meeting Minutes

BOD Meeting  April 21, 2018:

Chelan P.U.D. Conference Room 5:30pm

 In attendance: Larry, Patti & Brian


 1)    Current Bills: all bills are current

 2)    Current Balances:  Contact Association

 3)    Road Work: Priorities are to have large rock on main road towards bottom removed, have one culvert cleared of blockage on main road, push the gravel that is on sides and in ditch back onto main road surface, repair culvert on upper road and shoulder repair on upper road.  Check with Brandon to see if one of his workers that normally does the work on the main road would drag the gravel out of the ditch back onto road surface.  Larry to see if Dennis will contact the following 3 contractors: Smith, Perry’s and Corrigan for bids on the priorities.

 4)    Weed Spraying: Larry has been in contact with Dirk, it’s about $188 for each mile of spraying, also in contact with Rick for mowing.

 5)    By-Laws/Covenants: no changes or additions

 6)    Outstanding Due Payments: only a handful of dues still outstanding. Lot #45 are still in arrears for several years now.

 7)    Website updates: Larry will have the Annual Meeting date for 2018 posted on the website and remove Dan’s name from the Road Commissioner Position which is vacant at this time due to Dan’s resignation.

 8)    New Business: Patti recommended that we have a sign placed at the gravel pit that addresses who can use it and required permissions.

 9)    Roundtable

 Meeting was adjourned at 6:45PM


C.H.A.T.A. ANNUAL MEETING - June 9th,  2018

Riverwalk Park 1pm Meeting Started 1:11pm


 Officer Elections:  we received approximately 50 proxies, there were 3 board members to be voted on this year, they were Larry, Vivian & Cindie, there were 2 write ins for Bruce & Dennis, both declined to become board members.  Larry had 20 votes, Cindie had 38 votes and Vivian had 48 votes.  Larry, Cindie and Vivian were voted in as the 3 board members.

 Financial Statement:

1. Current Bills: Current bills outstanding are, Gravel payment, Marion for road & culvert work, Weed spraying.

2. Current Balance: Contact Association

3. Status of Dues received: there are 133 Members, of that 18 are still not paid current and of those 5 are 2 years or more behind in their due payments.

 Old Business:

 1.   CHATA Removal: The lower portion of CHATA has asked that they be removed from the Association.  This would be those located on Park Place Ridge, Park Place Loop, Park Place, and Redtail Drive.  During the meeting it was reiterated that there is no mechanism in the covenants to remove these members from the association except by 2/3 vote of the Membership and that cost of removal would be at the owners expense.  It was brought up that CHATA does nothing to maintain the lower portion and it was pointed out that the Association does weed spray there and that all the members have access to use CHATA roads. The question was asked why the Orchard doesn’t have to pay dues and the response was that the Orchard isn’t part of CHATA except for the lot they purchased below the Log Cabin. There was also talk about the Highway Access off Redtail Road and who will have to pay for that.  CHATA Association is not involved any talks about nor are we interested in pursuing an access from Redtail Road to Hwy 97. 

2.   Road Work: There was no work done last year due to availability because of Fire and the amount of Construction.  This year the 5 culverts on the main road up to the Orchards have been cleaned out and ditches to them cleaned up and exposed, new gravel has been placed on the main road areas that needed repairs.  There was some culvert repair done by the Waterville entrance/exit also some work done on the top where the road has been eroding. 

3.   Weed Spraying: Dirk was up spraying for a couple of days, he sprayed the center of the upper roads and out towards the Pyramids

4.   Website: Meeting minutes are posted on the website also Bylaws and Covenants, Maps of CHATA and contact information for CHATA Association Board Members.

New Business:  

Marion asked why he received a letter about using CHATA gravel pit.  CHATA Association is asking that Members notify the Board when they take gravel from the pit so we know it is being used for members inside CHATA.

Bruce asked if we could mail out the Dues Notices 60 days prior to due date instead of 30 and Larry responded that we don’t begin charging interest until they are 6 months past due so members really have until the Annual Meeting to get their payments in and are welcome to pay them at the Annual Meeting if they haven’t made their payment yet.

Dennis asked if we can have the Annual meetings at Chelan Falls/Beebe Park going forward, better parking and a little warmer down there.

 ADJOURN: meeting over at 1:58pm

C.H.A.T.A. BOARD MEETING - Larry’s House

11/17/2018 1:00pm       Meeting started at 1:04pm


1)    Current Bills: All bills are paid to date except for a minor payment to Marion for some work on Salt Block that we are waiting his invoice.

2)    Current Balances:  Contact Association

 3)    Road Work:  We will be grading the entrance road from Hwy 97 to the top of Salt Block, this will run appx. $3.5k to $4k this work will start at first rain, hopefully before it snows. We have contacted Frontier Communications about the damage to the phone pedestals along Salt Block due to the fire and have also asked that 3 of those Pedestals be moved due to some road widening that was done.  The signs at both entrances that were damaged in the fire are going to be replaced.

 4)    Weed Spraying:  Weed spraying for this years was completed in late spring. It was confirmed with Cascade Weed & Pest that Park Place did receive Weed treatment at that time.  Any areas with grass along the roadside do not receive any type of treatment as the grass does act as a weed deterrent.

 5)    Officer Assignments:  Larry Majchrzak-President, Patti Holiday-Vice President, Cendie Dietrich-Treasurer, Dennis Freytag-Road Commissioner, Brian Hirschy-Secretary

 6)    Outstanding Due Payments: 15 lots still owe this years dues, 3 of those owe 2 or more years back dues, there will be 2 letters going out to 2 of the 3 notifying them unless payment is received  on1/31/2019 that a lien and foreclosure process will begin on their property per association documents.

 7)    Website updates:  When the website was updated to the new format only the Annual Minutes were posted. We will be going back and posting the regular board meeting minutes as they were prior to the updated site. Brian will be getting those minutes to Larry so he can post to the website.

New Business: 

Due to the Fire there are many lots that have debris scattered about on their lots. Remember as stated in the Covenants Article V, Land Use Restrictions, Section 2, No litter, junk, unlicensed vehicles, equipment, garbage, refuse, rubbish, cuttings or other waste shall be deposited on or left of a tract unless placed in an attractive container suitable located and screened from public view and from the view of adjacent property owners. Any such container shall be kept in a clean and sanitary condition.  When cleaning your lot be sure to dispose of all the garbage, this also means the branches and brush that you may have piled up on your lot.  Brush piles will become another fire hazard once they become dry and brittle. A HUGE thanks goes out to all of the lot owners that have already cleaned up their property since the fire, it is much appreciated, and your neighbors will like it also!  


Marion mentioned a couple of power poles that had been burnt in the fire that need replacement.  He is getting those pole numbers to Brian and he will contact Douglas County Power with this concern and the pole numbers and locations.

Pole #3327237101, #3327235302, Box Canyon Rd.

 Adjourn: Meeting adjourned at 2:39pm