2017  C.H.A.T.A Meeting Minutes

BOD Meeting  April 7, 2017:

1.  Current Bills:  All bills are current.

2.  Current Balances:  Contact Treasurer

3.  Road Work:  There is one culvert that is plugged on the lower road: the middle culvert by the sand pit, we will check and see if someone inside CHATA has a backhoe that could help get the culvert cleared and also get some estimates and have this work completed.  We are also going to contact Marion to see if we can have him do some grading, as some of the ditches have been clogged from some of the run-off this winter.  We are also looking into placing either some ecology blocks or some fencing to help retain some of the hillside that is falling onto the paved road that fronts Lot 103.  We still need to visit the upper roads to see what condition they are in, we haven’t done this yet due to the heavy snow and no access to them.

4.  Weed Spraying:  We will be contacting Dirk at Cascade Weed & Pest Management for our annual weed spraying.

5.  By-Laws/Covenants:  The June Meeting notification will be going out the 1st week of May, and will also have a letter asking the Membership to vote “Yes” for the new changes and betterment of the Association.

6.  Outstanding Dues Payments:  There are 23 lots that still owe dues - and 4 of those are behind 2 or more years.

7.  Website updates:  Larry will contact our webmaster and have some updates done to the site which include adding our new Vice President Patti Holiday to the Contact list, posting the date for the Annual Meeting, and see about adding the ability to pay dues online for next year.

8.  New Business:  No new business.

9.  Roundtable


ANNUAL MEETING Minutes June 10, 2017

Riverwalk Park

1pm: Meeting started at 1:06pm

 Officer Elections:
Officers up for reelection were Patti, Dan and Brian, write in names were Vivian, Mike and John.  Voting results were:

Patti, Dan and Brian were reelected for another 2 year term.

Vivian, Mike and John will be on the ballot mailing next year along with the two Board members that will be up for re-election and any others who desire to run for board positions by submitting their names 60 days prior to the annual meeting in 2018.

Bylaws & Covenants Proposal:

 We received a letter from an Attorney representing a CHATA member about the vote that was supposed to take place today and the Board has elected to withdraw the proposal at this time.

Our current covenants & Bylaws are recorded legal, binding documents.

If you have questions about the decision to withdraw the proposal we can hold a special meeting to discuss those concerns at that time.

 Larry addressed several questions pertaining to the Covenants and ByLaws proposal and explained that if anyone wants to discuss the decision to withdraw the proposal to contact the board and we will hold a special meeting with the membership to address any questions.

 Financial Statement:

 1. Current Bills:  All payments are current and up to date

 2. Current Balance:  Contact Treasurer for information

 3. Dues Not Received: We have a total of 131 Due paying properties, of those we have 10 that are at least 1yr behind on their dues and 3 of those are more than 1yr behind and one of those has a Lien on their property.  Larry gave an explanation of the Lien and Foreclosure process that is also referenced in the Covenants  in Article  VII section1

 Old Business:

 Road Work: We are assessing the damage from the winter and will be addressing areas needing the most repair, Chelan Hills Acres Rd from the Hwy 97 entrance has some water erosion damage and will be addressed. Mowing is to start next week!

Weed Spraying:  All road spraying has been completed for the year.

Website:  The website is available for all to view at chelanhills.com and we will be adding the ability to pay online in the near future.

 New Business:

 Road issues: There is a large berm that was made during one of the recent road Maintenance jobs on the lower portion of the Chelan Hills Acres Rd entrance off of Hwy 97, there was concern that so much gravel was pushed off the road to make the berm, the gravel is going to be pulled back onto the road and crown when this area is repaired this year. There is also a culvert that was partially covered in the same area that will be re-exposed and cleaned out.  Jeff has voluntarily done some work on the road as he did last year and we are considering refunding him his dues again this year for his efforts.

One of the members that lives in the paved road portion of CHATA asked why they have to pay dues as they have a paved road.  Larry explained that the builder of that area of homes decided to pave the roads and that CHATA is only responsible to maintain the gravel roads.  Member was advised to contact the other members of his street to make a proposal to CHATA to be exempt from paying dues.  A member advised that on High Corner there is grass in the middle of the road and there is some erosion from the winter run off.  The mowing begins next week and we will take a look at the erosion and see if we can get it into the budget for repairs this year.

A member asked that we widen Salt block up towards the top, we will look into this request and see if it can be budgeted for this year.

A member advised that Redtail Dr. has eroded and is in need of repair, we will take a look and see what needs to be done and determine if we can fit into budget this year.

Thanks to Scott, Dennis, Larry and Jeff for all of the volunteer work you did making repairs and plowing this winter, we greatly appreciate all of your time to make our roads safer!

Bruce brought up a concern about the Dues notices coming out late and would like to see them sent out so the membership can have them by Nov. 1st.  He would like the membership to have at least 60 days’ notice before payment is due.  The board will address and consider this request at the next board meeting and respond to the membership.  Bruce also took it upon himself to send out 80+ of the Proxies to some of the membership and asked them to fill them out and get them back to him with the postage he supplied each member and that he would hand their proxies in at the Annual meeting if they were unable to be there in person.  He received several responses back, some hand written that he shared at the meeting, that he delivered to the board for tallying.  Thank you Bruce for being such an active member and taking on this endeavor on your own for the benefit of those members!
A member asked about the car stickers and possibly guest passes for those guests of the members.  It was determined that this would be too involved at this time to hand out passes and guest passes.
A member shared concern of theft some property at their lot and what we can do to make CHATA more secure.  There was discussion about can we place gates at the entrances.  Larry shared that this would be very expensive to secure each entrance and that the fire department would need an access for each gated entrance.  Not in the budget at this time to secure the entrances to CHATA.  It’s really up to all of us in CHATA to do the best we can to police the activities that go on inside our entrances and report any suspicious activity to 911. 

Mike shared that he only wants to have a winery and a rental cabin and felt attacked by the Board.  The Board wishes to apologize for coming across as attacking a member.  The Board only does what it feels is in the best interest of the Membership and we were responding to what we understood to be a development of several rental cabins that would be bringing more usage and erosion to CHATA roads.

 A member asked what we can do about the proposal…the proposal has been dropped.  We are continually looking at what we can do to maintain the beauty and serenity of CHATA properties and keep our community a safe and fun environment for all Members and their Guests.

The CHATA board strives to make decisions in the best interest of its Members.   The Board asks that if anyone ever has an issue or concern to please contact one or all of us with an email or phone call so we can address your concerns and be better informed.

In Memory of Phyllis Powers:

Larry gave a special recognition speech about all of the work that Phyllis did for CHATA during the many years she served on the Board and also all of the time she volunteered as a member.  Phyllis has passed but we are eternally grateful for all she did and every life she touched…

Meeting adjourned at 2:29pm