June 11, 2016 - Chelan Riverwalk Park

Started at 1:15pm

Financial Statement:

1. Current Bills: Liability insurance is due for Board Members, Payment due for Road Spraying, Road Mowing and balance due for Road .   

2. Current Balance: Inquire with Treasurer 

3. Dues Balances: There are 16 owners that are not current on their Dues with 13 of those only owing for this year dues

New Business:

  1. Election of Officers: There were 2 positions up for re-election this year and both current Officers were voted in for another 2yr term.  The Board will meet in the next 30 days to determine assignments for the Officers of the Board.         

  2. Road Work: There was extensive work done on Combine Road, some widening and pullouts were done and 60+ loads of gravel was used from the association gravel pit. Repairs were done on the lower main road below the Orchard.

  3. Weed Spraying: Cascade Weed & Pest Control completed the road spray recently for Russian Thistle weed and Kochia weed.

  4. Dumping & Littering: Dumping and Littering has been significantly reduced since the placement of the “No Dumping” signs and the “Surveillance Camera” was placed.

  5. Website: The website is up and working and we are looking into adding an electronic payment option for paying dues.  Keep checking the website for any updates. Also let us know if there is anything you’d like to see added to the website!

    Other Business 

    There was some discussion about a Cabin rental business on lots 3 & 5, it has been determined this would be a violation of article V section 2 of the CHATA Bylaws and also Article V, Section 4, Land use restrictions of the Covenants. 

    We had the Orondo Fire Dept. request that we put a two and a half inch valve with fire hose threads on the 2 large water tanks located on property in the Association, after some discussion it was agreed we will purchase the valves and Todd has volunteered to install them, Thanks Todd! 

    Member “Pat” advised that Rocky Road needs the weeds cut down that are impeding the roadway, Larry will address this request. 

    Todd asked if the Association paid sales tax on the road work that was done, sales tax was not paid and the association will look into whether sales tax should have been paid as we are a nonprofit organization. 

    Todd also asked if the Contractor used for the road work was bonded and insured, the Association is also looking into this to see what our liabilities are if we used a Contractor that isn’t bonded or insured.

    Meeting adjourned at 1:45pm