June 13th 2015 - Chelan Riverwalk Park

Meeting started at 1:20pm

All board members were present.

Financial Statement:

 1. Current Bills: weed spraying is the only outstanding bill, we will have a future bill from Todd for gravel and also a bill for the mowing and sterilite that will be put down on some of the roads.      

2. Current Balance: Contact Treasurer

3. Dues Balances:  There are 10 lots that have not paid as of yet, there is one lot that is making payments and there is one lot that we are waiting for a year agreement to be signed.

New Business:

  1. Election of Officers: There were 3 board positions to be voted on and the three officers that were up for re-election were voted in for another term.         

  2. Road Work:  Mowing will be done on the Upper Canyon, Quail Lane and Green Lane.           

  3. Weed Spraying: A sterile will be sprayed on road surfaces on Combine, High Corner, Quail and Green Lane.

  4. Dumping & Littering:  There hasn’t been any dumping since the   “No Dumping” signage and the surveillance camera were put in   place.

  5. Website:  There was a vote to pay up to $150 a year for the website to be built and maintained by a private firm.  Vote was in favor.  This will eventually allow online payment of dues. 

    Other Business:

    It was brought to the attention of the board that some trees are falling close to Chelan Hills Acres Road by the Waterville exchange (Barrows), the Road Commissioner and some of the Board will investigate.

    There were many proxy write-in votes for Marion for the Road Commissioner position.  It was explained to the membership that according to the bylaws the Board decides what the position of the newly elected officers will be.  There was much discussion around this and a motion was made, the motion was to have the annual vote for board members to be position specific instead of the board making the decision as to what position to assign then newly elected board member to.  The motion was seconded so the motion passed.  This will require a change to the bylaws which the board will be preparing for the membership to review and approve. 

    As a reminder, anyone wishing to be considered for a board position should notify the Board 60 days prior to the Annual Meeting so their name can be included on the proxy so the membership can see they are running for a position.

    There was discussion around using Bonded vs Non Bonded contractors to do work on CHATA property, questions of who is liable if there is a file claimed due to some of the work done by a non bonded contractor.  The Board will be checking into this and also look into what protection does the “Drive at your own risk” sign do for us.  We will also look into our liability insurance policy and see if we can be better protected by increasing this coverage.

    There was some talk about the easement road on Big Bench, this road is maintained by CHATA and will be maintained and repaired in the same manner as any of the other roads would be within CHATA.

    There some culverts that are plugged, one at Canyon Road at the Orchard entrance and another just past Cameron’s driveway on Chelan Hills Acres Road just below John Coopers.  The Road commissioner is going to be making a map that shows the location of all CHATA culverts and will be making a site visit to all of them and checking on the condition of them.

    ADJOURN:  Meeting over at 2:20pm

    Next board meeting will be in July.