CHATA BOARD MEETING Minutes - April 12, 2014 5:30pm


Meeting started 5:45pm

Present were: Larry, Karen, Dennis, Brian & Marion

1) Current Bills: All bills are paid-future expenses are weed spraying and printing expenses for June Meeting at Beebe Park, Property tax for Gravel Pit.
2) Current Balances: Contact Treasurer

3) Road Work: We will be looking at Green Lane for a mow and spray. Rocky Road, Jackson Canyon, Upper Road & Back Gate road for Grader clearing. Will also check Red Tail Drive for possible encroachment.

4) Weed Spraying: Will make contact with Dirk again this year for weed spraying. Expense is normally $2800-$3000.

5) Signage: There are still a few speed limit signs left for placement.

6) Outstanding Due Payments: There are 19 lots with outstanding due payments still due.

7) Website updates: Larry will update website with date, time and place for June meeting.

8) New Business: Association will make contact with Mark Carroll (Lawyer) about due collections or foreclosure proceedings for lots 45 & 51.

9) Roundtable: Annual Meeting is going to be scheduled for Saturday, June 14th at 1PM at Beebe State Park. Check website as date gets closer for any date and time changes.

ADJOURN: Meeting adjourned at 7:13pm.