CHATA BOARD MEETING MINUTES  April 12, 2013  7:30pm

Present: Larry, Karen, Dennis & Brian

Meeting started at 7:35

Currently there are no outstanding bills; taxes for gravel pit have been paid. Only upcoming bill will be for weed spraying.

Roadwork still to be started by Marion, he gets back on 4/29 and will begin the work that was approved last meeting. We will also be asking that the road be widened by the gravel pit and blind corner be fixed by the old meth lab, Chelan Hills Road raking on the hill and gravel placement on Big Bench.

We will be contacting Cascade Weed & Spray in next week or two for weed spraying.

Of the 131 owners in the Association, 106 have paid and 25 have not. Two properties that are in arrears for more than 2 years are being sent to our Attorney for processing.

New Business: We are looking into more "No Dumping" and "No Littering" signs and the possibility of imposing a $300 fine for anyone caught littering and a $500 fine for anyone caught dumping within CHATA.

Meeting adjourned at 8:25PM



Meeting started at 1:15pm

Introduction of members present

Financial Statement: Contact Treasurer

New Business:

1. Election of Officers: all officers that were up for election were re-elected.

2. Road Work: no fall work was done because of fire danger. There was widening done on the lower part of loop and by the gravel pit and a burm was placed along edge of roadway. Spraying and mowing to begin on topside.

3. Weed Spraying: We have been in contact with Dirk, waiting for warmer weather, last year weed spray expense was $2800.

4. Dumping & Littering: Placed a video camera and no park signs at entrance. A vote was taken and passed to have fines added for dumping and littering to the Covenants.

5. Re-recording Association Documents: Our Lawyer advised we should re-record all documents every 10 years; cost will be approximately $240. Membership voted & passed for this to be done.

Other Business:

We have 131 lot owners, 16 have yet to pay their dues, three of those owe more than $150.

Membership would like a letter written to all lot owners about the following:

There have been motorized vehicles (Quads & Motorcycles) that have been using the private roads for recreation and tearing up the roadway. It has been requested that we remind the property owners that they are responsible for their guests and any damage to the roads may result in a fine of $150.

There was discussion about some of the work that has been done along the roadway by the orchards. Some concern has been noted about the boulders in the ditch. Larry will speak to the orchard owner about the concerns of the membership.

ADJOURN: meeting ended at 2:05pm.